claim1 W1S1 [kleım] v
3¦(legal right)¦
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: clamer, from Latin clamare 'to cry out, shout']
1.) ¦(TRUTH)¦ [T]
to state that something is true, even though it has not been proved
claim (that)
The company claims that their product 'makes you thin without dieting'.
claim to do/be sth
No responsible therapist will claim to cure your insomnia.
I don't claim to be a feminist, but I'd like to see more women in managerial posts.
claim to have done sth
Two young girls claim to have seen the fairies.
claim responsibility/credit (for sth)
(=say officially that you are responsible for something that has happened)
The group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings.
Opposition leaders will claim victory if the turnout is lower than 50%.
claim sb/sth as sth
A letter appeared in The Times claiming Fleming as the discoverer of penicillin.
2.) ¦(MONEY)¦ [I and T]
to officially demand or receive money from an organization because you have a right to it
claim sth back
He should be able to claim the price of the ticket back.
claim on BrE
You can claim on the insurance if you have an accident while on holiday.
claim benefit/an allowance/damages etc
If you're still not satisfied, you may be able to claim compensation .
3.) ¦(LEGAL RIGHT)¦ [T]
to state that you have a right to take or have something that is legally yours
The majority of those who claim asylum are genuine refugees.
Lost property can be claimed between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
4.) ¦(DEATH)¦ [T]
if a war, accident etc claims lives, people die because of it - used especially in news reports
The earthquake has so far claimed over 3000 lives.
5.) ¦(ATTENTION)¦ [T]
if something claims your attention, you notice and consider it carefully
The military conflict continues to claim our undivided attention.
claim 2
claim2 W1S2 n
4 stake your claim (for something)
5 somebody's/something's claim to fame
1.) ¦(TRUTH)¦
a statement that something is true, even though it has not been proved
claim that
Gould rejected claims that he had acted irresponsibly.
false/extravagant/dubious etc claims
firms that make false claims about their products
They made claims they couln't live up to.
the competing claims of scientists
dispute/deny/reject a claim
The foreign affairs department has denied claims that the men were tortured.
Evidence to support these claims is still lacking.
claim to do/be sth
his claim to be the rightful owner of the painting
I make no claim to understand the complexities of the situation.
2.) ¦(MONEY)¦
a) an official request for money that you think you have a right to
claim for
claims for compensation
reject/uphold/lose etc a claim
A disabled man has lost his claim for unfair dismissal.
make/put in/file a claim
All claims should be made in writing.
pay/wage claim
(=a request from workers for more money)
Fill in and return the claim form as soon as it arrives.
b) the sum of money you request when you make a claim
The insurance company cannot meet (=pay) such enormous claims .
3.) ¦(RIGHTS)¦
a right to do something or to have something, especially because it belongs to you or because you deserve it
claim to/on
Surely they have a rightful claim on their father's land?
The Maldives pressed its claim to hold next year's summit.
Philip feared Edward would lay claim to the Scottish crown.
the competing claims of parents and teachers
have a claim on sb's time/attention etc
A woman who has given a man children will always have some claim on his love.
4.) stake your claim (for sth)
to say that you have a right to own or do something, especially when other people also say they have a right to it
Tickets are on a 'first come, first served' basis, so stake your claim now.
5.) sb's/sth's claim to fame
a place or person's claim to fame is the reason why they are famous - often used humorously to mention something that is not very important
My main claim to fame is that I once shook Elvis's hand.
6.) ¦(LAND)¦
something such as a piece of land that contains valuable minerals

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